CryptoParty4Kids at 2015



Your first step in the hacking culture. CryptoParty4Kids is an initiative of BEE SECURE dedicated to promote a secure use of Information Technologies. You will learn about cryptography, networking, and secure browsing. But more importantly, you will have fun, as everything will be reached through games.


  • 16h00 -> Intro
  • 16h05 -> Hacking Culture
  • 16h15 -> Video Games hacking
  • 16h25 -> Intro to crypto
  • 16h35 -> Break the cypher!
  • 16h45 -> AES Fun
  • 17h00 -> Let’s go IP - the network game
  • 17h30 -> END

In more details:

The secret message game:

  • Introduction to cryptography (why should I secure my communications)
  • Learn how to encrypt and decrypt (Symmetric cryptography via Caesar Cypher)
  • Break the Cypher (introduction to cryptanalysis)

The networking game:

  • You are the Internet!
  • Exchange IP messages for real
  • PING command
  • TOR fun
  • DDOS ending

The concluding remarks:

Tips and Tricks from BEE SECURE for safe browsing


You will be able to join us during the conference, a conference where people discuss about computer security, privacy and information technology.

Registration for the CryptoParty4Kids.

When?, Thursday the 22nd of October. From 16h00 to 17h30

What age?

This workshop is aimed at children aged from 8-12